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Commercial Cleaning in El Paso

Simply Grace Cleaning Services offers commercial cleaning services throughout the El Paso region. Our expert staff utilizes top-of-the-line industry equipment and cleaners to provide thorough, consistent results for commercial businesses and properties alike. With a focus on quality cleaning, we have become a reliable and trusted cleaning company for big-box retailers and local businesses within our community.

If you have questions about our commercial cleaning services, please contact us online or call (915) 760-0059 to learn more! 

The Importance of A Clean Commercial Environment

First impressions are important, and Simply Grace is here to ensure your commercial space always leaves a positive first impression on customers and clients. By incorporating routine or seasonal commercial cleaning services, you can also reap the benefits of: 

Improved Health and Safety Reducing the risk of germs and illnesses from spreading can lead to fewer sick days and increased productivity.

Cost Savings Conducting regular cleaning can extend the lifespan of equipment, furniture, and fixtures, resulting in long-term cost benefits.

Improved Health and Safety Reducing the risk of germs and illnesses from spreading can lead to fewer sick days and increased productivity.

Compliance Regulations Certain industries require specific cleaning standards. A cleaning company is knowledgeable in this area and can maintain these compliances.

Types of Commercial Cleaning Services and Properties We Serve

Our team at Simply Grace is ready to support retail and office facilities with exceptional cleaning services. Currently, we offer the following services:

Retail Store Cleaning

Retail spaces are meant to entice customers, and with Simply Grace’s retail store cleaning services, we can keep your business sparkling. This can include window washing, hard surface floor cleaning, and more. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in maintaining the appearances of El Paso retailers, including Apple, Ulta Beauty, David’s Bridal, and many more. With top-notch equipment and supplies, we are able to provide great cleaning services for businesses, no matter how big or small.

Office Cleaning

A well-kept office is crucial to the success and productivity of any business. From factories to private offices and government facilities, our team is well-equipped to leave local office spaces squeaky clean. This can include detailed dusting, floor cleaning, full restroom cleaning, and other commercial cleaning services in El Paso so everyone in the office stays happy and healthy.

Janitorial Cleaning

Running a commercial space is a time-consuming endeavor; sometimes, cleaning can be the last thing on your mind. Our team’s decades’ worth of experience in cleaning major commercial facilities allows us to tackle any size job. Our janitorial services can include cleaning and sanitizing highly-utilized spaces like conference rooms or waiting lounges, sweeping, mopping, trash take-out, and more to ensure your business remains a healthy, safe, and tidy environment.

What Sets Simply Grace Apart?

We are determined to provide our customers with 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We take pride in uplifting high standards and extending our highly skilled workers to the businesses that keep El Paso running, and we’re ready to share our skills with you.

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